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When my world was turned upside down and I suffered a devastating loss, I took to food to fill my emptiness, Netflix to change my state and isolation so no one could see my tears. None of which bought me any comfort or relief and at times made me feel worse, because now I was more depressed by the weight I gained, my sleepless nights and feeling lonely!! I was completely lost in the void and consumed with grief.
I started thinking how do I recover, learn and move through this??? For me it was baby steps, going to church, starting therapy, listening to good books, and surrounded myself with friend and family. And slowly my state began to change and I noticed I starting getting signs from my Mother which made me smile, laugh and feel comforted knowing she was near!! So naturally this inspired me to concentrate even more on the things that brought me joy!! Living a healthier lifestyle, helping others, practicing my faith and spending time with the people I love has returned joy, happiness and laughter into my life!! Dress Affordable not expensive prom formal gowns below 100

So very truly grateful to my community of friends on Facebook, for always supporting me with your never ending love and kindness!!
I am happy to report that I'm back on track!!
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