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I am 23 and started getting panic attacks around 14 years old. They totally suck. It's hard explaining what they are like to people who don't get them. I used to think that marijuana caused them, but I can get them 100% sober. Every time it happens I feel like I'm gonna die. I am always convinced I'm having heart problems... I get massive tingling, especially in my fingers, hands, shoulder, even the top of my head. My hands shake like I'm in an earthquake. The muscles around Dress Affordable short items to wear in the wedding that is not expensive ... my eyes will twitch. I get weak in the knees sometimes. I just came across this video and I'm willing to give it a shot. I know that people with anxiety tend to develop bad breathing techniques... rapid, shallow breathing. Some things that have worked for me are:
1. Drinking water. It won't get rid of a panic attack, but it is soothing, and a lot of us feel like shit from dehydration and don't even know it. (Alcohol drinkers, big soda drinkers, etc...)
2. Washing my hands. I dunno why, but washing my hands in warm (almost too hot) water makes me feel a little more calm.
3. Putting my arms over my head. It offers a good stretch and helps me breathe better, and more consistently.
4. Stretching in general... but slow and purposeful.
5. Taking a shower. Taking a hot shower to loosen the muscles really helps. A bath is also awesome.
6. Pills. Don't be afraid to admit that you need something from time to time. Panic attacks are the worst and you shouldn't have to feel like a loser for taking a drug for it.
7. Happy, upbeat, funky/soulful music. Something that always makes you feel good instantly. Nothing violent or aggressive. For me, it's good house music.
8. Petting (and talking to) an animal.
9. Massage / self-massage. Break out some lotion and rub your feet. Get between your toes!
10. Weighted blankets. These work wonders for all kinds of anxiety problems, but people can become reliant on them in a way.
Here's a video how you can stop it. Click the link below and follow his instructions. Share this post and share the video to a friend in case you notice he acts weird in front of you or around you.


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