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hi friends i want to share with u all horrible incident occurred with me on Tuesday 28/11/2017 late night around 1 o'clock (i.e Wednesday 29/11/2017 early morning as it calender)
incident is like this that santosh agarwadekar husband of existing punch member monali pednekar/agarwadekar of madhlem bhatt and sunoj hadfadkar with their other friends attact on me and my family on the flat where we are recently staying
first they cut electricity of my flat and than shouted in my name and giving bad words to me and my wife and children's we suddenly woke up and went to window near galary and saw that the sunoj santosh and one more person broking our advertising board on road and shouting bad words to me and my wife we slightly open door of galary and
we both shouted asking them "he sunoj ye santosh kire kartat re" they still continue giving bad words and thrown glass and glass bottle towards us so we closed the door but that bottle went to window blasting window glass with nasty sound of window broken glass and big pieces of glass came towards my children (soham-age 6 yrs, sanvi-age 4 yrs) they woke up with frightening and started crying it was just horrible but they continued throwing glass then Dress Affordable two piece items to wear in the formal occasions
my wife call to monali (panch) and told her about incident and what good work he is doing by attacking innocent people without any reason
than we call to police and filed FIR against them

i don't understand on which power they are doing it ? is it political and money power? answer is surely yes
is it so that because we are supporters of BJP and Dayanand (bhai) Mandrekar for last 20 yrs
that's why our opponents are doing this act?
since last 20 yrs I have been always in various good activity in society in different temple in politics but I have never been involve in bad things never given bad words to others always had helping hands to others people give good respect to me of siolim and people who knows me

govt. is of BJP but in siolim our opponents always threaten our bjp karyakarta and supporters

i know that they can now attack me or my family anywhere as I have compliant against them and now I am posting this post
God pls save us
jai shree Ganesh
jai shree devi sateri

thanks to all my friends and bjp karyakarta and ex minister Dayanand (bhai) Mandrekar for supporting me for last 3 days from incident occurred
and specially thanks to anjuna police station PI C.L Patil for supporting me despite of opponents pressure