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A high vibrational diet consists of food that are ALIVE and that positively benefit the person, as well as the Planet as a Whole.
High vibrational means having more light, and thus less density. Plants exemplify this by photosynthesizing light into energy.
Humanity is awakening to its connection to Source and its ability to turn INFINITE accessible light into physical energy. Monks and Chi Gong masters generate CHI from their own internal Light Source, and can even generate enough energetic heat to sweat in the freezing cold. Breathairans "eat" light, like plants, by taking in the SUN's energy(Sungazing link on my youtube) and breathing prana.
Expansion requires humanity to more fully embrace its connection to Nature and simultaneously open Higher frequencies. Many people are not aware of how large of an effect their diet has on their STATE OF BEING.You physiological health is literally the platform for your CONCIOUSNESS.The Neuro-transmitters and hormones responsable for your moods and state of being are directly correspondent to your nutritional intake, as well as the level of toxins that are present in your system."You are what you eat- and if u are eating dead chemical junk food, you will feel like dead chemical filled junk"(Patrick Haize)
Today, man has as a myraid of toxins in their body including: parasites,pesticides,heavy metals(from chemtrails and aluminium products) , (minor) radiation, xeno-phytoestrogen(from plastics),GMO's, parabens,fluoride, puterfying undigested foods and calcium phosphate. Many of these things, from emotional imbalances caused by phytoestrogen to parasites troughout the body, evenhave ability to dictate your THOUGHTS.With all of these toxins in your system, how can you hear the call of our natural SELF? The most important thing you can do to transition to a higher vibrational level is DETOX and CLEANSE the system so you can HEAR your Body and Soul.
Nature gifted us foods that are naturally full of life.When u cook food and it change its state by adding heat, you change its vibration, nutrient content ant vitality.We are at a point where we must change what we eat and wean ourselves from foods that are irreversibly destroying (Animal agriculture) the very Planet that sustains us.If u eat an animal rather than a plant you are getting your energy secondhand which is much less efficient and remember that killed animal carries energy of fear, anxiety, depression and thats all what u will get when u consume dead animal. It is scary to take responsibility for destruction on Earth, but huge part of shifting your vibration is becoming fully conscious of you actions and choosing differently. It is time to be courageous, adaptable and open to positive change within yourself to effect the whole in a beautiful way. Grecian style flowy wedding wear of chiffon

The cleaner your physical body, the higher your vibrational frequency will resonate at.
This is known in many civilizations to strengthen the connection with your SOUL.Though, as you could imagine, this works both ways, having a more polluted vessel will in turn weaken the resonancy of your physical body, drastically reducing your AURIC field.It is known in many parts of the world that when your body is cleansed from the toxins we have ingested in the past, and dietary adjustments are made to consume high vibrational food(fruits, veggies, grains...) your ability to MANIFEST your own reality is boosted immensely.