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adorable teen wedding wears flower girl dress renamed Tessy or Tess for short

The baby girl has not been good at all today ..... Not wanting to move, not wanting to eat, not wanting to drink but trying to go to the loo whenever she has the energy to stand.
Amy and I took her to the vet and they have kept her inter hospital for the foreseeable .... On a positive note she is negative for all the common parasite/blood disorders but she is in a bad way physically with acute constipation and very little peristalsis in her colon so at risk of possible poisoning, colonitis and rupture of the colon all of which would be fatal for Tess that on top of emancipation, dehydration, malnutrition and anemia. adorable teen wedding wears flower girl dress
She really is skin and bones and it's a miracle that she is still alive. Even the vets were pretty impressed that her little body was continuing its struggle to keep going.... And she is such a sweet and gentle girl too.