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bohemian wedding apparels in vintage style

Skimm'd after trying aerial yoga
"The CEOs, inside they're hurting" - The head of an institute where Silicon Valley's elite go for soul searching, meditation, kombucha, and playing very small violins.

The Story
Today, President Trump is expected to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And eventually move the US embassy there.
Why is this controversial?
Jerusalem is maybe the most contested land in the world. It is home to some of the most sacred sites for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. If and how it would be divided is a big factor in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To avoid taking sides, the US has always had its embassy in Tel Aviv, and called for Jerusalem's status to be worked out during peace talks. With this announcement, Trump would reverse decades of American policy.
What are US allies saying?
That this is a bad idea. Some Arab and European leaders say it could derail hopes for resuming peace talks and lead to potentially violent protests in the region.
What does Israel say?
It's been staying quiet for now.
What is the Trump administration saying?
That Trump is following through on a campaign promise and this change aligns with the reality that most of Israel's government is based in Jerusalem. That this doesn't mean Trump thinks Israel has full claim to Jerusalem - something that would still have to be decided in peace talks. And that the US embassy won't immediately move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
What now?
Some think widespread protests could break out in the region and possibly in other parts of the world. US gov employees there are being told to stay home and avoid areas like Jerusalem and the West Bank.
Trump has said that an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is a top priority. But US allies think this move will seriously hurt the chances of that happening.

What people are watching...
Southern California. Wildfires are spreading through more than 50,000 acres of land there after breaking out earlier this week. This comes just months after wildfires in Northern California killed dozens of people and destroyed thousands of homes and buildings. They were the deadliest in CA history. Now, hundreds of thousands of people are evacuating. And officials worry that high winds will cause these new fires to spread.

What to say when you don't get the holiday party invite...
Rejected. Yesterday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said Russia can't compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Last year, it came out that more than 1,000 Russian athletes had been part of a government-backed doping scandal for years - including some 2014 Olympic winners who later had their medals taken away. Now, the IOC says Russian athletes who weren't part of the doping scandal and who pass a drug test can compete next year. But they'll represent an Olympic neutral flag. Aka Russia gets no cred. This is the first time the committee has banned an entire country for doping.

What people are talking about...
Honduras. The country is in the middle of its worst political crisis in years. Last month, Honduras voted in a presidential election. The candidate running against the current president was in the lead. Then the current prez overtook him. Leading the opposition party to say the vote was fraudulent. More than a week later, there still isn't an official winner. Tens of thousands of people have been protesting for days. At least one person has been killed. And police have gone on strike, refusing to intervene. Fast forward to this week and officials are recounting some of the ballots. Unclear who will come out ahead - or when it'll be announced. bohemian wedding apparels in vintage style

What to say while reading about Weinstein's complicity machine...
Did you hear about this? Yesterday, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) retired after being accused of sexual misconduct by multiple former staffers. One woman said the harassment "was a regular part of life" while working for him. Conyers - who has denied these claims - was in office for more than half a century. He has endorsed his son to take his seat.

What to say when you hear Austria's top court OK'd same-sex marriage...
The US Supreme Court seems torn about this LGBT case.

Dad shoes

The clunky white sneakers that dads everywhere are partial to. They're cool now. Thanks, New Balance.

For when you still need a gift for your SO or your work husband...
SOS. Most Skimm HQ'ers aren't splurging for a watch this season. These are more creative and wallet-friendly. Tell him boy, hi.
For when you're bringing the dessert...
These chocolate chip cookies with a cognac twist will have your friends going in for seconds.

For when you can't wrap a present...
You're welcome.
Skimm HQ is stuck on a throwback playlist. Share theSkimm with your friend who's still allll about Destiny's Child.