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chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous

Erupt *

When your living with depression
You find in the misery
there's always a lesson
Pressin onwards
I live this shit everyday
Write it down in a different way
Nothing ever changes
Problems pile up in my head
I Rearrange them cause I don't want to be dead
2 or 3 time a day I think about eating lead
Standard anxiety doesn't compare to this sense of dread
Focus on the hours of the day
I argue with my shadow
He has lots to say
Misery loves company
Take my hand and come to Me
Suffering is tied to life
Courage is built through strife
I couldn't infect you with my vampire bite
Run away now and I'll spare you you're life
Creation of a new man
Blue print of the uberman
Technological age is upon us
It's the final stage of the machine its weak with rust
In ashes we shall reap
Dust to dust
in dollar bills God will always be trusted
Idols and fools don't understand
Speaking in tongues
Live on the bottom rung
No God would sanctifie the making of a bum
There's no redemption for the fallen
Nature speaks my name
I can her her calling
Birds carry me messages every morning before the breaking of the day
Trees speak to me, you'd be surprised at all they got to say
The sun runs and plays hide n seek
Behind the clouds
Storms are necessary for new growth
Become stagnant and you'll croak
Always on the move
Learn new languages and eat new food
My tropical depressions bring me the rain to write and sustain
Never become tame
The devil and I are the same
Maybe that's why I think I'm God in my brain
Saying things to convince people I'm crazy
I don't cut my hair or shave because I'm Lazy
Cataract vision and it's getting harder to see
I know there's got to be a better way for me
Or give into the madness like Virginia woolf and drown myself in the sea chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous
Brain full of ssri's
I'm so numb can no longer cry
Wringing my sweaty hands
Until I have to pace or stand
Can't take to much more
I hold on to locked doors
I know the answer is behind there
Flying my ink stand soul
its thread bare and old
Longing to go home
Carbonite life form
Son of a super nova star
I was born
So that means I'm Related to the sun
Hevans not necessarily a destination you ever have to reach
Maybe it'd finding your true self and living inside a niche
I write, I practice, I preach
But I haven't learned enough to teach
English necromancer
Syllable kidnapper
Abstract master
But a student of the music of life,
And the here after is now
Enjoy it, the thunder applauded
And the lightning took a bow
Rain drops soak into the ground
The green chute never makes a sound
Life beat me down pound for pound
I realize it's not a game any one can win
Nihilism became a close friend
At least in the philosophy of humanity
Hominids create chaos and unrest
Love to be the best and violently we oppresse
We fight a war against nature and refuse to Relent
Polar opposite charges
So strong I shift the magnetism of the earth
Don't ask me where these strange ideas are given birth
I nurse it when I hurt
Store it all up and grab some words and blow them to pieces
I've just begun but I fear I already said to much
I don't know why every one is in such a rush
To have me shut up
Don't worry I'll save enough
and store it For next time inspiration strikes and I erupt