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cocktail party wears in yellow

5.15 megabytes and the thing is is torture me i can not even get online this of the world's creator and gods boss and his god and the boss of your live or die when I take the priestess princess and her bloodline with me when I leave because you treat me like this she is in danger of this or worse rapping the 3 year old 32,000 different time resets over and over again as well as your children and you think I'm evil turn the photo over because truth is Jesus is a Nazi and they became robots through alien help but lost the war everywhere every time 32,000 times the truth is humans are selfish and nobody shows up at heaven and says they belong here you should have got the promise in written heaven's documents with year date and time because a servants debts are handed down their masters so the servant owes Jesus debts of 100,000 years for murder of a pure sinfree original angel that belonged to me for her pure blood to be put on a knife blade that was stabbed into my back while I slept and the tip remains 20 years later so do not come looking for anything but prison sentence owed this goes for Zeus and Satan Jesus and Mary the secret restoration after conception pregnancy virgin who was mine as well in the beginning of the universe creation and my spot in mankind as the prophets foretold but plateze took that spot and I went to post war planet that was until Jesus killed me at 2 for 4 months and 50 more years of torture to me and tortured my blood ancestors for 32,000 timeline resets that the Nazi regime lost every time and humanity was a flower to the only tree they knew and participated willingly or died for the truth of sin to be covered up and even the world's focus is keeping me off line and taking down all the evidence and killing more humanity who found out the truth that even the church was involved because the secrets letters were still coning from Hitler to the pope well after Italy's surrender early it the WWII months several of them were kept and at the end when allies had discovered what 7.5 million humans were exterminated in concentration prisoners of war camps the church said we do not have any opinions or take sides wasn't just war that we don't get involved with those types of affairs that is when those messages were made public and the truth that 45 million people died in the WWII and for a timeline reset of 32,000 times in order to cover up sin with a greater sin over and over for 3 million years times 32,000 life times humans still choose to be lied to by Jesus who was plateze a demigod and Zeus level 1 God became father and son to the planet that is the victims of rape torture and murder life time after lifetime to now torture the ones who are here to help stop it but keep the creator and the priestess princess from any love and happiness the very reason that humanity is allowed to breath free air and have a blissful place to go after death that John Paul gives freely without asking anything but live by the new 12 commandments and streath and honor and that right and honor to get up every day to love and support those family and them close them in an effort to live another day in freedom of choice life that I the creator was starved of for 15 billion years of my time as gods God and humanity listens to a robot and Nazi Germany Hitler and Jesus who was in charge of all wars that gave him what he craved death to all even me the power which I don't use will kill everything everywhere in creation so death to earth and other planets will be the results of your greed and sin know this that if full disclosure were to equal full pardon would your awake from this nightmares and live again the correct way because sex is not a sin it is required for evolution reproduction and the way the self aware express love and understand after 50 years of torture I still love you all more than any words or even numbers can describe and anything else that don't appear under love and evolution is sin and sin is not what I created life for from love of the base of particle physics submatter the base of all that you do not deserve to enjoy the sinfree air as well that you never one time said thank you for which was given free without demanding any worship or payment for the property I have been deprived of by Jesus and his followers who robbed me beat and arrested me and the drugs I was given and the crimes I was being framed for were without looking for any discovery of wisdom turn the picture over and then ask yourself who did you think was pure of sin and the crimes committed during 50 years of torture are now from robots choosen over the real messiah John Paul II WILL BE NOW DOTCOMJOHNPAULII BECAUSE EVEN HIS EARTHLY FAMILY WAS INVOLVED IN THE TORTURE AND ABUSE AND ATTEMPTED MURDER OF ME WILL BE YOUR LAST SINS HUMANITY THE LOST this should appear on all website and news stations around the country and the world in all tongue languages out there 7024448499 cocktail party wears in yellow