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cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender

The father of my unborn child (31 weeks pregnant) was at first like my best friend, worked his way in and ended up in a situation where his lease was up didn't want to sign another so he stayed with me while looking for a new place. His car ended up not being drivable and my dumb ass caring heart let him stay with me and drive my car. Did a lot for him went above and beyond. He started changing, the person who knew what I was thinking even when I didn't suddenly was a stranger I could not even talk to. Around this time I find out that I'm pregnant even though I was taking my bc every day like clockwork. The person I should have been able to discuss my shock and fears and discuss it with was telling me I am too stupid to read a pregnancy test and it wasn't positive. I guess he didn't want to see it I don't know. Ended up being worse of the uncomfortable feeling in my own home. I needed time to think so I went to my mom's. After trying to get through to him about missing the person he was and getting nowhere, not being able to talk to him about the pregancy I finally told him he had 30 days to find his next place. He ended up leaving that day so he could screw me out of the bullshit fraction of 'rent' he gave me each week and knew time to pay electric bill which he ran up quadruple what it had ever been. He left my apartment trashed and left my car without my kids seats in a bar parking lot with the windows down no gas and keys in the ignition. When I contacted him to get the carseats he told me what address of a porch to get them from said I was a psychotic nutcase and needed to get an abortion. Blocked me and have not heard from him since. Through mutual friends I have relayed information but have never been able to communicate with him even in a fb message. If it wasn't for me no one would know he had a daughter on the way. His mother and sister have been talking to me on FB for a while now and are excited about her. He stopped talking to them as well. Now he is all of a sudden talking to his family and used the excuse he doesn't know he is the father and like that is supposed to validate everything he has done and what he doesnt do. He knows she will be born next month and i think the reason he is all of a sudden bringing the bs cop out excuse into the mix is because he is not going to meet her when she is born. I understand wanting a DNA test and I'm all for it I have no doubts because this isn't maury I know who the father is because there are no other options. He knows this being he lived with me and when he wasn't with me he had my car and I was home with my kids. My question is I have done everything I helped him and got fucked over had to clean up his mess mentally physically and financially and have been alone with this pregancy. Why should I go to court and force him to be in her life. To me it's not even worth it for child support he may or may not pay. He should be the one to take the initiative to show he wants to be in her life. I'd rather do it all alone than force him and fight him for 18 years. If he wants to step up and be in her life I would not stop that as long as it's safe and healthy for her but why should I have to do everything and force him to be in her life? Needing advice....what would you do? cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender