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code for items to wear in the cocktail occasion

Trump when he was younger and perhaps less in the limelight was blasted for making a comment about grabbing pussy.....yep, pretty immature I agree, but it was just that, a comment. Not to stereotype women, but why is it Ok to bash Trump when Joy Behar does this in public and enjoys it? This is a role model for many women who watch this assinine show and unfortunately feel empowered by these assholes as well as a large part of Hollywood freaks. I was practically raised by my 2 sisters who were 11-12 years older than me. I was taught to respect women. My parents were both from Italy and my Dad idolized my mother. I believe collectively they installed respect in me for women and men. Sadly, exposure via the tube is how many women today, not all but many, have no problem exposing this to their children. On top of that, its this kinda of crap that they share with each other and find a common bond. And when the most corrupt woman on the planet loses the presidential race, the only thing left is to constantly bad mouth our duly elected President for anything he may have done wrong at any point in time. Its the same old double standard....women can bitch all they want whenever they want but a man is always wrong even if he is right. I also want to take a moment to thank the women who supported Trump as they are truly the Champions of his campaign. They think with their brains. Trump is not perfect but what he has gone through since the election and still has not crumbled shows that he is a man of conviction. First time I ever recall a President really trying to make good on his promises. Despite his faults of which we all have some, his interests are genuinely aimed at improving our sad state of affairs here in the US. Those of you who continue to find fault or even worse, create fake news, will be the downfall of our country. When North Korea starts bombing the US, make sure your friends on the VIEW have your backs. And while you are at can thank them for a 300 point slide in the Dow after this fiasco aired. Under Trump we have seen a strengthening of our economy and new highs in the stock market only to be damaged by this stupid show. This is women's football. If you disagree with the VIEW, start boycotting the show. As I said, I respect women, but I have no respect for lies, fake news or self serving assholes, women or men! code for items to wear in the cocktail occasion