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custom made selections for formal party

i am student. i am from lucknow i need a mature partner in lucknow
i want to have second prvt discreet life totally as female. i want to feel as female life where forget that i am a male world around me where i can be a glamorous naughty spoiled pamper girl. me looking for a long term relationship a partner with whom i can be as female. u know the society and the boundary we guys are we have to deal with family society so i want full complete secret and privacy of this second life only my partner knows about me. custom made selections for formal party
i am virgin and i want to loose my virginity totally as newly wedded bride in a very special way as i want to feel as special i will do anything to satisfy my partner i love to be as totally submissive bottom like kinky, BDSM love to take cum over my face be as dirty horny slut as pornstars.
i smoke and drink.
i have two limits-
1. CONDOM is must every time.
2. i cant drink cum or piss but love to take it all over my face and body and in my mouth too.
my partner has to bear all my expenses on shopping make up dresses heels wig etc. all female stuff i demand for to maintain my self as girl as to maintain as hot glamorous diva cost. ( my expenses will be around 30k to 35k per month)
i need my partner to take up a room on rent were we can setup a or love nest be as sexy horny and loving couples, i be as his girl.