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Why do ladies like to suffer heart breaks before they learn a simple lesson and move on? Don't attach yourself to a man who is obviously no longer interested in you or has put a full stop to your relationship with him. Here are the signs that guy is no longer interested and wants to dump you:

1. HE'S AVOIDING YOU: A man doesn't joke with his time and money. He won't waste his time on anything that won't profit him. If he feels there is nothing to gain in your relationship or he doesn't see you in his future. He starts avoiding you. Get the signal and move back.

2. HE STOPS PICKING YOUR CALLS: No more explanation.

3. HE ALWAYS ABUSES AND INSULTS you anytime you are with him. He is fed up, your presence drives him crazy. He is enduring you, he doesn't want to see you anymore.

4. HE SHAMELESSLY FLIRTS: get the signal. He wants you to get jealous and get out of his life.

5. USE A LADY'S PICTURE AS HIS PROFILE PICTURE: She's not a relative and who is she? A new flame, a new found love? He is double dating, dump him!

6. HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU ANY MORE and what the hell are you doing in the relationship?

7. HE STARTS DEMANDING FOR SEX. Some ladies are very stupid! In fact, extremely stupid! Any woman with half a brain knows that when a man hits you for sex, he doesn't value you one bit. He threatens to end the already dead relationship if you don't give him sex and you are shaking like a leaf? Chai! Don't you have any single value for yourself? Tell that lustful guy to get out of your life if he can't wait for sex. Dump him with speed! extra sized items to wear of the prom that is not expensive

8. HE COMPARES YOU WITH HIS EX: he should go right ahead and marry his ex if he misses her seriously.

9. HE ACCUSES YOU OF THINGS YOU DIDN'T DO and wouldn't listen to explanations. So what are you still doing there? My friend, end that relationship!

Listen, your life is not defined by a man. Don't hang your dignity somewhere and roll in the dust because you want to get married.

Don't allow any man rubbish you. Don't allow men treat you like a pile of shit. Treat yourself with respect and dignity. Develop the spirit of discernment to know who you are to marry so you won't be going into wrong, abusive relationships and be suffering unnecessary heartbreaks!

Work on your brain so you can think with it. Work with your hands so you can earn your own money. Work on your body and look fabulous so you won't think you are ugly and any man who wanna marry you does you a favour!

Hey, know thy worth! You are a favour carrier! Any man who is fortunate enough to marry you automatically marries favour! "He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from the Lord!" When a man knows the moment you enter his life, his fortune has emerged, he will treat you like gold. Are you gold? Men will treat you the way you treat yourself.

Yes Don't be proud, arrogant or rude! Be humble but add dignity, sound self esteem, fire proof self worth and rock hard value to yourself. Men will treat you like gold.

May you not end up with the wrong man. In Jesus name. Love you loads. Kisses
Happy Sunday