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flower girl wears in red

I'm generally a skeptic when it comes to home remedies...especially those found on Facebook. However, after 11 kids were sent home yesterday running fever, I came home and just fever but no energy and kind of achy. I thought for sure I had/was getting the flu. As I was scourging the cabinet for something for something to fix for supper I came across one potato (I had thought I would fix potato soup, but who can make potato soup with only one potato?!?) anyways, I had tagged my mom in a post where a lady used potatoes on her feet to pull toxins away from her body. Sounds like a tall tale, right? I thought so, too, but was desperate not to be sick. Who has time for sickness this close to Christmas break!?! So I decided to try it. I woke up this morning with no sore throat, no achiness, and no headache. The potatoes on top were left in mine and Garrett's room on a dresser, and the bottom were on the bottom of my feet. I'm not sure how it happens, other than my God created it to do so, but I'm a believer in the potato. flower girl wears in red