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graduation dresses for college

We all have many journeys in life. Some have bumps in the road others have many different paths. My journey and bumps in the road have taken me down many successful paths. My most Success I started off with was leaving after high school graduation for the United States Army and becoming an 88mike in the military. Earning my expert in grenade throwing metal, sharp shooter metal, and my ribbons on my dress uniform added with it. Then switching to the navy for a year to be an MP. I was proud to be successful completing my basic training and then going to AIT school . I was at one of the second hardest bases in the United States. Fort Leonard Wood in MO. I actually liked living in MO for awhile but anyone in the military knows that base was and still till this day is called Fort Lost in the woods. There’s a reason why for that. Then I became a CNA and loved it. I put my heart, soul, and care into patients I became close with. My favorite unit was the Alzheimer’s unit. As sad ? it is the patients still were so loving and fun even though they never remember who I was or there life. I also became a model and worked for “New Faces” and model for Macy’s magazines. Loved every moment of it. I moved forward in life and became a mom 11 years ago to an amazing son. I’ve raised him as a single mom from 3 months on. I also was successful going to college and very close to getting my college degree in the medical field. It’s stop and go because being a single mom and having to play the dad role too I have to be there for my son and his achievements. It’s on my list to finish up my degree. As time went on my bump in the road hit me a few years ago with vertigo. But guess what? It never took me over to continue the “SUCCESS” I want in life. Which is more. I do have a full time job running respiratory. It’s another passion of mine that I love because my son suffers from asthma and to help other patients from children to adults I understand what there going through. Also having great relationships with the RT’s and client is an amazing feeling. This all comes with my passions in life. I also am working with another modeling agency and have a great agent. That will all start coming together real soon. To top it off March will be a year running my Younique business of makeup and skin care products. People reach out to me from all over the world graduation dresses for college ? saying “How do you do it?” “Your an inspiration to me because I suffer with vertigo and you keep pushing and going.” I do it because from the day I was little I always wanted to be the best and successful. And I had to find my way of fighting through this vertigo to not stop my dreams of making more success in my life. My point of sharing my life with others is if there going through hard times or want that “WHY” In there life and I don’t care how old you are. Make it happen. Having my own little makeup business has really been amazing. I work just as hard at it as anything in life. I enjoy helping many other women out there become more confident in themselves, uplift and empower. These life experiences is who I am today. I’m always here for you ladies to start your Younique business. All you have to do is IM me and will chat. You create your “SUCCESS and DREAMS.” ?