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gypsy usually used items to wear of the wedding

H A P P Y. H O L I D A Y S
Always Live in REDWORLD!

REDWORLD by J. Steven Manolis

I am often asked what my favoritle color is. Unambiguously my immediate answer is (always) that I love ALL colors and I do NOT have a favorite. However, if the question is changed a bit to read "what is your favorite color to live with in a "common space" room?" my answer is quickly and surely RED. It is the most moving, powerful and inspirational possesses life energy, and it is passionate, Passionate, PASSIONATE! Especially if it is displayed in scale. When you live with it, it kind of embraces and consumes you in a very exciting way. You want to be around it, look at it, and dream in its afterglow. Both visually and spiritually it positively affects me like no other color. gypsy usually used items to wear of the wedding

I have created a philosophical realm of color I call REDWORLD. I have written and dedicated a poem that "says it all!"

I hope you enjoy my REDWORLD works, they are becoming a mainstream segment and favorite series of my color based work. I know of no other artist exploring this monochromatic color like I am.


By J. Steven Manolis, Artist

A coveted place in your mind
That expands to become your physical universe
No woulda/coulda/shoulda
Intense and prideful FOCUS
Go for it!
Don't be afraid of failure....
Experiment and learn from
Your mistakes!
Don't make the same mistake twice!
Feel the glow of accomplishment
Have passion, Passion, PASSION
In life, for life!
In all its earthly dimensions
Feel the exuberance of full happiness
Loyalty, dedication, kindness, altruism
Share it with others
Live and exalt in the HALO!
A most contagious HALO
Respect and have tolerance for all,
All the time!
Be an advocate and role model
Take ownership
Of your life
In its fullest
REDWORLD decree:
Serene bliss, jubilant jubilation!
I feel it, I paint it!
I try to live it too!
You should too!
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