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informal style garment for mother of the bride

-115 pounds since 7/11/17. So happy to be down in the 200's for some time now. Still have about 100 more to go to my goal weight. Motivation and determination will get me there! informal style garment for mother of the bride
NON-SCALE Victories -
1. Actually asked for a booth opposed to a table last night and had plenty of room.
2. My knee no longer yelps in pain.
3. I have to move my seat UP (not all the way back as far as it will go) in the jeep to reach the pedals.
4. My seatbelt isn't cutting into me.
5. I don't struggle to bend to put socks on.
6. I can climb my stairs much easier.
7. I don't get short of breath just doing simple things.
8. I feel like I can zoom zoom around work and not tire easily.
9. Hearing people use the word "skinny" motivates me even more (yes, I know I am far from skinny - but never have I ever had that word associated with me - always been fat)
10. food NO Longer consumes my life!
This is MY fight - take back MY life