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Since 3 New Mega Mattes were released yesterday I wanted to share with you all some quick tips (from one of our amazing Acti managers) that you can do to make sure your Lipstick is Perfect.

Step 1: You want to exfoliate your lips, you can do this with a DIY lip scrub or gentle scrubbing your lips with a soft toothbrush.

Step 2: Immediately after you want to Moisturize your lips with a lip balm. Lip Balm is the first step in my makeup routine. I also apply lip balm at night before bed to keep them moist throughout the night items to wear for the maid of the brides of the mormon

Step 3: Remove excess lip balm, make sure you lips are dry.

Step 4: Apply a little transulent setting powder to help keep the lipstick in place, preventing it to bleed outside lip line.

*quick tip*
To help even out the tone you can apply foundation onto lips or even concealer to brighten up that area before applying lipstick

Step 5: Line lips with liner if using regular lip stick but if using mega matte apply by lining the ouside of lips then filling in the middle.

*Quick tip*
After applying lip smudge out with finger or brush. Never rub lips stick if you need to put them together do it in a popping motion. Rubbing together will cause the lipstick to become flaky and roll up

Step 6: Using a lip brush or small detailed brush apply concealer around the lips cleaning them up, this will also help your lips stand out more and don't forget to set the concealer with powder.