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ivory colored items to wear of the prom

yeah I was just talking to the Landlord me with 2 sweatshirt type, I should with 2 pairs of pants on the flannels like long john undergarmet for the winter, haw well yeah and I did go outside for the first or 2nd time this week, in the rear yard area- quietly, its expected severe, super high speed winds through here again in Anaheim, I had some stupid unbrella or some 100 or 20 pound ha ha concrete colored weight on it to take out make sure that like (and I feel sorry for some like those water skiiers ouch full of thrills an spills) yes i got the awnings all wrapped up, i am not sure again if I am recoprated, I am talking myself out of this caugh, the bronk itus ok like bronk and being strong like a stallion a horse whats that poney, playing it poney and poney racing, love of God, of Chris Erickson, please attitudes be ok, with like Landlords and stuff, took me to think it all out, hard stuff about changingg these light bulbs myself in this room, I am going to know about it- how to do it smoking, some of these fixtures have funny bolts and like plastic washers i never seen berfore, and how they come apart and go back togeter, I ha ha couldnt find the big main bold I thought maybe I put in my pocket (recoupearing) and it was like gone, spersht I couldnt remember where I put it, well I got this really nice celing fan 5 blader yeah but these two tricky bulbs in it with a bowl on the bottom, got two like washers or some decorative thing on it- I found the blown bullbs just they went out and now I got new ones in, regular normal like how 1 of them was unnoticable out for a long time I guess, both were blown and last night as its the only lights in this main room out they went poof. Left dark- i opened the for some reason scary old closet- i always think termite or some kind of passing falcon dropped a injured tiny animal or someting on the house and thats how it would get in, theres no windows in this big room, its kind of like a attic with no windows- big enough for a home office or a 2nd room though, its long a walk through closet and yeah no windows I have 3 lights in the celing in there, love telling this story I flipped it on and it barly gave light to this room, it was like laptop screen light in here last night with all the ligths off, i thought about the rest room yes flfipped open the door there, and had it, light- the much needed light. saving light. Ok I didnt drop the bowl this bowl cover of the ligt bulbs like shade on it- I remark now tat a decorative light shade can be used insead of this bowl thing a real nice glass light through shaded bowl its kind of gold, I think its that bathroom window (oh yeah i got to clean all that, not too too too good cause I dont have a inspection or inspector now but the wind with dust is coming fast, proaby whip up some winter fire or someting from faulty wiring oh yeah run for the hills its faulty wiriting in this house on 2 plugs I found out). Yeah I told the landlord about this carefulyl and poor old or sick oldd man I said also sometimes some years some people get 3 or 5 times sick during the winter its just a darn shame, and ruins it the winter sometimes but try not to get used to it and hope it will be gone sooon. good thing I didnt get my head bitten off by foggerby or is guard hawk geizer i didnt tknow they or well me reacted that fast- tempers flaring during the now its called cold and flue season- its contained. I exchanged it for explaining how the nose does not normaly act as a water hose how it runs out the leaky alike to leaky faucet and ears eyes water like that like per say watering the lawn in the needed places, does it normally do that no- its not sentiment your experiencingg its thte cold, the flue or something some virus and its alike to the comptuer virus, I am just going to set my systems to anti virus tonight and clean clean and but figures a mega natural disaster wind like tornado would ome rippin ngthrough supposed to be a day or two of it, I got gardners and this house maids 1 time a month for the rest of the house not so much my private room, I was waiting until it got dark when noboy could see an dbut still thats angerous too for takin gthe trash out, my own super wquiet way, I dont need no sillent night out here with no sound and then a voice, what are you doing- --- and its foggerby catching me at my sickest most disgusting moment that isgusting trash I hardly ever do, but keeping it clean efficient and in moderation, and geizer looked like was going to hug me today and it almost got serious serious madness with me and I wast yelling but she went from 0 to histeric like down a drag strip but she is sadly sick but like a sick person with meds her contagious infectious disase almost went on me, and I threw up this cross symbol and just like looking at a trained animal a dog about ready to jump up on someone its so exact to a dog trained not to jump up, I mean I thought I was going to get yelled at by foggerby hard of something I mean thier ears all puggled up oops plugged up from their viral sickenss, geizer flipped me some eggs and sausage for a 2nd meal I had a simple sort of gross natural meal I think either my face is being infected by I don't want to say it fungus, I got someting mouth- funny chew is what I call it now it makes things I eat taste rubbery like even the steak rubbery and some pain but wierd feeliings in it ever and I never ever get fungus its some sort of biological weapon I thought- but let me fiinish this and I will get back to it- it felt like my mouth was changing sizes while I chew, like as if my hand was not moving properly but its more like the teeth, it was weird and they say fungus is from fun and some doctors say it is fun feeling it watching it grow some weird shet- fungal, but 2 times per day brushing heavy not to hurt yourself to get rid of it, and that lysterine I never have bad breath I never have to take this stuff, but I am going to get some just to be sure, some winter day I don't get it- some malaria type virus comes from a tiny bug with this thing on the front like a pin its a straw sharpened to suck out your blood, yeah I got like bug light just incase may whip it out, hang it on a stick or something but not in the wind- ok the mouth feels all gummy, its moving kind of like a snake a viper, and I thought, weak muscles from being sick right? Well I tried to build tem up and it made funny sounds like mis timing when jumping a water skiing world championship attempt jump when chewing- whats going on in your mouth, ok what it is is muscles that develp got weak, and moved around when the immune system was activated, now that the cold was gone (it has to move funny to pump out per say this liquid durin a cold or that hardened stuff like when food dries out, like when a vampire sucks the blood out of its victum, the bite- love bite, be careful its maybe the hiliaria mayliaria its not funny suck 1 mosquito bit with malaria and i added in small animals bite when sick or injured and its what disease they carry if around, there is help- most houses are water tight, check for leaks and cracks from earthquake damage and hope it holds through ivory colored items to wear of the prom earthquake damage cracks how to easily fix them

I think this stuff you just mix, like glew and matching paint or something or make sometign decorative out of them- attempt it, like if I dropped this hard to fit bowl for the light- on and broke it which I didn't, maybe lay out some comforters that padded blankets some use them dual purpose for cushons and more than staying warm- I oh yeah thought of 3 and 4 laywers of warm clothes this year slippers although not styish may work or socks couple pairs not just wone- sure it may take extra 5 mintues to get carefully fast changed watch without slip crash and fall like some pro downhill skier like off the top of the house trying to fix a roof, the slop- angle of roof finally thought of it- being safe and planning out this room cleawning, it is ok it is going to be ok, a hobby not turned serious thinking./ research its got to be done- and remember it could be kind of fun like a caugh, but no I think a bug went in my mouth like a tinty one and bit my mouth like a hungry starving passing through rat or a mosquito or something and I don't normally have bugs but if while and what is this have to stay the fukkin awake to make sure I don't get bit by like a pet hamster or one of those pit vipers or rattler fish I mean fish rattle fish is there such a thing puffin 1 swim and it maybe over with- test the water or look online to see if epidemic, be safe- 5 the Chris- your bffaml 3gbbf 2 to 20 to 50 minutes an dwhat--- sheeeeett its nature!!.. and worse I thought of sitting in a traffic freeway, slam errrt and neck injury for 7 years or never fully heals right a doctor recommends re breaking it that's right a healed bone and having it 5 to 8 weeks reheal, on some ouch and ewww sick how well get real, try not to break them an mostly thats from moving it around, and that heavy light bowl, its a bowl I am going to try not to break it, and how a 10 minute job can turn into all day or days or not really getting it done, I want to be smart think ahead, not slip off that 2 foot lader or stacking stuff if when I need to- and get down off of there you might slip and fall and break your neck- ok well thinking safe and I realize it may have taken me all day to do a 15 minute job its sane from getting a little crazy- yeah shapes and sizes start playing tricks on the mind from stressing out, or holding this bowl witht a internal and a external funny looking washer set that screw in and witout breaking them, I can do it- I am that man any average man or woman can do it, is it fun well no and I maybe lieing it maybe fun to look at me 1000 dollar lamp or for 1 time in a while to see thtese 1000 dollar fixtures, I am not really into that, like someone may look on cleaning a watch
and all and how tiney gears and bolts are their hobby- of course a watch fixer or maker or adjuster- whatever swatch and well I seen it, but some take them to stores to fix it, I got it- and its 6:00 already- writieing so I willr emember it, and about what the fuk it me about taking 3 or 4 hours to change like a celing fan light switch, I used to have or could contemplate (think) about doing it in less than 1 hour, maybe 20 to 30 minutes safe fast efficient, like some of those pros again- like the sports, but I seen them fuk up... love Chris Erickson bffaml 3gbbf Che Nshe- sheesh shet.. he he.. please. be careful--- and with that!..!!== if it breaks be ready be set for things like left in the dark, pitch black here, get a spare or flashlight check batteries before you begin its just good to have...... or know where it is crawling around through sharp objects or such to get it oand oh no wht if its no tther eor a mess, getting better.. got to think it out-- neat well maybe an what was I missing out on- kind of like polishing golden slipper on shoes, ok clasps ok I am not used to this- but I will do it, have fun like building a model a expensive model spend 1000 usd currency equivilant on or a build your own 1000 dollar currency equivilant fishing pole, 4 emergency 4 it doesn't matter at least I could do it- got one.. building your own kits, or just building your own- some people like those famous carver and artists of some sorts (an I am not really into that) get paid as if its 1.00 us equivilant and at a show or online or something in a collection make it workth 10,000 dollars or 1,000,000 one million dolllars usd equivilant, for a hand made one I don't know I don't think I am totally into that. but ok- like a enthusiast, it is alright- an I can handle a day or two of this- I said 70 year old plus are still in college, they are into that or doing it in the college campus, neat stuff or some centers- but I am not into that, I don't recommend it- most answers are here online.. most-- love