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latest fashionable evening party wears

Dear : GirLs ?
How Does It FeeL Opening ? Your Legs For Another Guy ? ?... Kumnandi? ? ... Undressing Your Jean ? Or Dress ? Knowing Your Boyfriend Loves Yuu? Knowing He Is ALways There But Can't Afford ? ? To Take Yuu Out For ? ? ? ? ? ? But Another Guy Afford To... Kumnandi? ? ... To Go Around SLeeping With Guys ? Because Yuu Think Your Body Is Hot ? Your Face ? Is BeautifuL Every Guy Around Yuu, Wants Yuu ? Cars ? ? Hit Hooters ? For Yuu... Kumnandi?... ? ... Acting ALL Saint To Your Boyfriend TeLLing Him That Yuu Love Him Knowing That Yuu SLept With Another Guy Yesterday? ? ... ALLowing Another Guy Who's InLove With His GirLfriend ? Put His Dick ? In Yuu Because He's Sweet ? And ALL Romantic ? ? Kumnandii? Being Used ? ... Fucking Around Because Wena Yuu're Wanted?... Because Uyababa ? Wena UwumLiLo... How HeartLess ? Yuu Are Dear? How Cheap Yuu Are? How Stupid Yuu Are ? ? ?... How Easy And ChiLdish ? Yuu Are... Getting Fucked ? By Another Guy WhiLe Yuu Have A Loving Boyfriend ? .. Does It FeeL Nice?... Kumnandi UkuLaLwa Abafana AbahLukahLukene?... CLearLy Yuu Don't VaLue YourSeLf ? ... CLearLy Yuu Like Being SomeOne's Sperm ? Dish... Yuu're An Easy Lost Target That Doesn't Know The VaLue Of Being A Women ? ? ... Next Day... Yuu Got To Him And Say “I Love Yuu, And I Missed Yuu ”... Knowing Very WeLL That IzoLo Another ? Guy Fucked Yuu... How Many Dicks Yuu Want? SeLf Respect Ikuphi VeLe? ALLowing Another Guy To Take Off Your CLothes ? ? ? ? ? ? And Get To See Yuu Naked The Way Your Man Sees ? Yuu Everyday... How Does That FeeL? KuhLe Ukuziphatha KahLe Uzazi Ukuthi Umephi, Uqondeni Futhii Uqondephi... Zazi Ukuthi Ufunani Futhi UzimiseLe Ngani Ngoba Ezinye Izinto Ngeke Zikuse Ndawo latest fashionable evening party wears
Can I Get An Amen