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long floor-length formal collection in black

Cleanse Day 7 - Detox Day 5

I'm totally human. 100% human and susceptible to food just sitting out in front of me. Do you have a favorite food? Mine has to be a guilty pleasure of sponge candy.

It's been sitting on my co-worker's desk now for over a week and it was 2:00 in the afternoon and I had walked past it about 30 times already on my way to and from the bathroom (did I mention I am drinking about 80 oz of water every day?).

Well I grabbed a piece. And I declared out loud, "I know I am cleansing, but I am also human." It would have been 2 pieces, but one fell on the nasty work floor so it saved me the second piece. It was only one piece, and honestly, it did not taste great. I didn't want any more after I ate it and went back to drinking my water and being on my cleanse.

I just thought that I would share that I know nobody is "perfect" and I sure as heck am not. I actually think the word "perfect" should be banished from our dictionaries because of the heavy connotation it holds.

Anyway, I felt great again today - very cleansed. I did not go down any more in weight so I am still holding about 3.5 lbs lost. That's good, I don't need or want to go down any more.

I am finding now that I actually think I overthought the prep process. It is so easy to grab snacks and meals given the simplicity of the recipes that I really did not need to prep 12 days of snacks ahead of time.

So another one of the great side benefits of the cleanse that I have noticed, perhaps it could just be the liver detoxifying or maybe the dry brushing, but I have struggled with psoriasis on my elbows for my entire life. This is usually the season that flares it up - bad. Right now, my elbows are really smooth and not at all flaky. I can't attribute it to anything but the cleanse itself. Pretty nice side effect. long floor-length formal collection in black

So I am battling the onset of a cold right now and tonight I feel pretty crappy, but my lovely, beautiful neighbor Megan Blake just brought me a cup of homemade turkey broth and it tastes amazing - because nothing on the cleanse (that I had in stock) felt like it would remotely taste good. The fresh turkey broth is amazing and just what the doctor ordered.

Last tip - after your smoothie in the morning - check your teeth!! I have been adding flax seed to my smoothies and if there is a space in your teeth for a seed to hide out, trust me, it will. And it will invite all its friends to join it!

The cleanse starts in January, but don't wait until then to sign up. Pricing increases to $297 on December 10. I can take PayPal, Venmo, Check or Credit Card!

Request to join the FB group today I'll send you an invoice and agreement. Bring a friend along and get $10 off your cleanse price!! In the coupon code area, put the name of your friend you have invited and I'll take the discount off your invoice!

Happy cleansing!

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