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maid of honor wearings cost below $100 in coral

...OK ok ok, I can't help myself...u made urself look super foolish I'm sry but u did. Woman to woman, advice: don't ever text from UR man's phone FOR him. Honestly babe, it shows nothing but insecurities, no confidence and very little trust in both him and ur relationship. There's no reason y u should be n his phone to begin with, right? I feel terrible and honestly somewhat embarrassed for u babe, a relationship is based off trust and if u ain't got that....then what do u have??? Obviously u feel something wrong or u wouldn't be n his shit...go with ur gut honey, IF IT DON'T FEEL RIGHT IT AIN'T RIGHT. I'm not yalls problem tho I can assure u...but i just had to be real with u because I expect real and want ppl to b upfront with me also because I've been hurt too many to give anything less... so I give what I would want. Also...I'm a bit creeped out u kno I was n rehab, don't waste ur time investigating me honey...seems someone has fingers pointed at me to redirect u from them Prolly right n front of u, it's the best place to hide...plainsight. Anyways, I'm just a classy little promiscuous skank makin $$$ off what god blessed me with and ur mans number was unintentionally messaged tonight, I hardly know him fr...I don't give most ppl the time of day, btw im pregnant and committed so don't let me trip u up!!! maid of honor wearings cost below $100 in coral