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Surprising Facts About Pregnancy. What To Do
About Some Weird Experiences
Share with every pregnant woman
You may be surprised to find that:
1. You start snoring for the first time in your life,
thanks in part to more estrogen, which
contributes to swelling of the mucous
membranes that line the nose and may even
cause you to make more mucus. What to do:
Sleep on your side and elevate your head
2. Heartburn and indigestion can make it extra
uncomfortable to lie down in bed. What to do:
Avoid foods that trigger your heartburn, give
yourself two to three hours to digest a meal
before going to bed, and try sleeping semi-
upright propped up with extra pillows under your
upper body.
3. Leg cramps jar you out of a deep sleep. What
to do: Ease the cramp by straightening your leg,
heel first and gently flexing your toes back
toward your shins, or walk around for a few
4. You toss and turn all night trying to find a
comfortable sleeping position. What to do: Lie on
your side with your knees bent and a pillow
between your legs. For extra comfort and
support, arrange other pillows under your belly
and behind your back. Or try using a contoured
maternity body pillow.
5. You become hot and sweaty in the middle of
the night. It's common for pregnant women to
feel a little warmer than usual thanks to shifts in
your metabolism, hormones, and weight. What to
do: Keep your bedroom cool and strip down to
the bare essentials. Keep slippers and a snuggly
bathrobe handy for those nighttime trips to the
6. Getting out of bed is harder than ever! What
to do: Roll over onto your side so you're facing
the edge of the bed. Dangle your legs over the
side and use your arms to push yourself into a
sitting position. Plant your feet squarely on the
floor and then stand up.GOOD MORNING AND HAVE A BLEESFULL SUNDAY. mermaid trumpet prom collections in red or ruby