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modest formal wears for lds and mormon

Posting this because I wanted to share a couple of information about supplements....
India has a long way to go to understand the exact meaning of supplements....
1> Supplements are not equal to anabolic or androgenic steroids...
2> Supplements do not mess up your kidney and liver, you are more prone to liver and kidney damage with alcohol than supplements
3> Supplements are not "muscles in a bottle"
4> Supplements are used to give you the extra nutrition which you might not get in your diet
5> Creatine does not give you kidney stones, being dumb and not hydrating yourself enough does
6> 80% of Indian supplements are fake
7> Having whey protein is not bad for you
8> You might be allergic to a couple of ingredients in the supplement which you buy, check the contents before purchasing and consuming it
9> finally, yes I take supplements, I'm happy about the modern science which has developed such substances which help lifters, builders, crossfitters, etc get the nutrition which we plan to get, helping us reach our goals......... modest formal wears for lds and mormon
Supplement is not a drug, not a steroid and not a muscle in a bottle......