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mother of the bride wears in coral

I dont know what is worse hearing your ex having sex every day morning becaus4 the liv3 in same apartment building but ssshhhhhh I'm not soposed to know this because he loves hurting me s why he gets to have his whores and have all eyes on me still that not how it works buddy and he still lies to m e he seat as on kids he as never even touched another wOman anykind of way ever ,.and that woman from ot her town telling me he is with them and la st year we had apartment ,togethet Maddox we got it together and e started coming home.e late from work and then he never showed up and didnt here from him or saw him for month and then he ped up one night nd do hat all its of da y and didn't be home cause wodldnt let me he brake r take them o ne. Night s tarted fight with aLways and was o,e after do,t how for has I used out am again cheating well he wouldnt swereer well one night I heard him co ugh I. Know my husbands moans sex even th o like aways bee n long time .well after being . stuck. There by myself and if you know. us then you .know why I dont 'have freinds my self he runs tbem off but I was excited but wasnt there and laterr. Heaerd his an d a wh ore moaning on other side of. Wall he. Knekw I knew so he the s,neakiest snake.he could. Well he went to jail I v mother of the bride wears in coral
Moved out and he kn ows. Im t he last person you can lie or cheat on and I alway know its a curse a nd. Is th e only dubmass t hat ha s ever cheated on and I married him wt f
But. He Done Moveed one his bitches a bove me again I to here him have sex and put roof ov er her head and im his wife and he made me. with out sex food .money ride ho mless he as me st ruggle
alone because. He always. Telling people to st ay away and not to help or else.Becaus we been married .almo st four years and have a dau ghter she be .he le ft her and I in hospital ater signing.b irth certificate a nd has been runningg around on me since so I hate e ing asked ? About him I'm last person he wants knowing any of few. Lives wife's has but yet why does he seem to think he pull moving with and I got play. Dumb he could have told me help let them have mine iI'move but. No he want to play me no more ,i made it to easy for he likes young skinny. He doesnt want me but he wo,nt let no guy I chose or girl. He will get guys to try wtf