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prom apparels With Keyhole cut out

stressed out.. i ate bfast after i got home..nagpapatanggal ng kabusugan I tried to sleep at 6am..but was awaken by the "it's laundry time" delivery, delivered so early because they're going somewhere..then awaken again because the A/C will be installed but lo and behold the square hole is kinda small.. so they will be coming back so our room is in disarray..then my bro's head was suddenly bleeding not knowing that he had a minor accident early in the morning...he bumped his head on the corner of a display billboard..he was tying his shoelace then when he stood up, not realizing that there's a low lying display billboard ergo his head was cut and needs to be stitched.. old washing machine and dryer was also delivered from the repair man that also fixed the A/C..then someone from Eminenza came by to leave the meralco application bro needs to sign it..mron na nman another repairman from the developer came to fix the cr sa 2nd floor.. wla pren cla mama and dek from the hospital..bat nagkasabay-sabay xa.. ang saket na ng ulo't likod ko bka bigla nlang ako mabuwal..hayst.. prom apparels With Keyhole cut out