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? # EPISODE_15 ?

? # Daniel 's # PoV ?

Tomorrow is Prom and I ordered a dress online and sent it Bella and I bet she gonna love it and we will win couple of the Night.
I know you are wondering why I chose to spend that much on my Sunshine but she really do deserve more than that, I might have been dead by now if she didn't come to my rescue, she is a God sent. I love her so much and i don't think I can love anyone like this
"Super Man, why are you smiling to yourself?" Sandra said when she entered my room
"Nothing, what are you doing here and where is mom?" I asked trying to change the topic
"She is downstairs, she asked me to come and call you. She is going to buy some groceries and she wants you to come with her" she said
"Are you going too?" I asked
"Yeah of course, you know I am mom's favorite" she said
"Whatever, let's go" I said grabbing my phone
"Daniel I hope I am not bothering you" mom said
"No. Actually I wanted us to spend sometime together since you are always not at home" I said
"I know where you are driving at but I am really sorry about that, and that is the main reason I employed a babysitter aside the three maids who do absolutely everything in this house for you except bathing you" she said when we entered the car
"But you know I don't need a babysitter, I am way too old for that. I sometimes need a my mom's food and not food from strangers" I scoffed
"Come on baby, they are no strangers, u have known them when you were just a little boy" she said
"But mom I still insist you spend some time with us and not just one weekend in a month, sometimes a weekend in two months" I said
"But I need to make money u know, everything I make is for you and your sister" she said
"Whatever I need my mom and not only on weekends." I said
"Ok baby" she
"Mom I need some money to do something" I said
"Money for what again baby? Your dad told me he sent you some money just few days ago after your allowance was paid just e week ago by myself and him respectively, what did you use all that for within just a week? Don't tell me you used it for your things to wear to Prom because I bought everything you need for the Night for you" she said
"I used it for something else and I am broke now so you gotta do something about it" I said calmly
"What in God's name did you use over $590.57 your dad sent you plus your weekly allowance for?" She yelled
"Something I don't want you guys to know, I am not a kid anymore mom and so I don't have to tell you whatever I use my money for, what I used it for is part of my happiness" I said
"Talking about your happiness, I hope you didn't give it to Isabella. That girl is too good to be demanding from you at this age, and she got everything she needs from her dad." She said
"Mom I used the money for something, I bought her a ring" I said and both my mom and Sandra screamed
"Calm down ladies, I love her" I said
"OMG my son is going nut" she said
"Mom stop this I just need money and not a therapist" I said and they laughed
"Remember me when we get to the house, I will see what I can do" she said
"Thanks in advance Mom, you are the best" I said and pulled the car over, we are at the shop.
Just then my phone started ringing.
"It's her right?" Mom and Sandra said together
"Who?" I asked
"Isabella of course" they said in unison
"Yeah, whatever" I said
"Hey Babe" she said over the phone when I answered
"Sunshine, I miss you" I said and she chuckled
"I miss you so much baby boy, I have received your gift and I love it but must u" I knew that she wanted to say so I interrupted
"I thank God you love it, that is all I want to hear" I said
"Hmm, you are just too stubborn" she said
"I know but you can't seem to get enough of me" I said and she chuckled
"Says who? Anyways where are you now" she said
"Do you miss me already, I am at the grocery store with Mom and Sandra" I said
"Ok, be good. Call me when you get home. I love you" she said
"I love you more Sunshine, mmwwaah" I said and blew her a kiss
"I want that physical not on phone bye" she said and hang up on me
"I will give you all that tomorrow" I said to myself

"I heard that" Mom said
"But Mom, must you be listening to my conversation with my girlfriend?" I said
"I heard it too" Sandra said laughing


? # Bella 's #PoV ?

We are getting ready for the Night and I am fully dressed with a light make up with my hair falling flawlessly on my shoulders, Alexa was fully dressed too with her hair tied in a bun.
"Why ain't they here yet" Alexa said pacing around in the room
"You have said this the tenth time, stop being anxious over nothing they will be here soon" I said and we heard a car drove in
"Who is here at last?" Alexa asked
The doorbell bell rang and Alexa opened it lo and behold it was Chris.
"Shall we" he said romantically and Alexa nodded full of smile
"Great, I am taking my angel with me so see you at the party" he said
"What about Daniel, where is he?" I asked
"He will be here soon" just then his car drove in and Alexa came to kiss my cheek
"He is here" Chris said and took Alexa's hand and they walked to his car.
I stood at the door patiently waiting for him to get down from the car, the back door was opened after what seem like eternity and he stepped out looking like a model on Vogue front page.
"Oh my God I am drooling, he is looking so hot" I thought
He walked up to me and pulled me into his arms, his cologne was all over my face, he pulled me out of the hug and kissed my cheek.
"Ready to go my Lady" he asked
"Sure let's go"
We walked up to the car and he opened the door for me to get in and he entered too. I greeted the driver whom I don't know and we left the house to Harvard Westlake.
"You look beautiful in this dress" he said and took my left hand in his and started caressing it, I was wearing the ring tho.
"You are not looking bad either" I said
"I can't wait for the party to be over so that I can spend the night with you" he whispered seductively

? #Daniel's #PoV ?

The drive to the school was a lovely one, I will whisper into her ears and she will blush and hit my chest playfully.
"Your lips are pink already, you shouldn't have applied lipstick" I said
"If you think no lipstick on me will be great then let me clean it" she said
"No don't clean it, I was just telling you that you are beautiful naturally" I said
"Thanks" she said blushing
"We are here" the driver announced.
I got down and opened the door for her to get down and held her hand and we walked to where the program was being held. We took some pictures on the Red Carpet which will be posted in the school pag later so that people can vote for their favorite Couple, the votes is determined by the number of likes and comments one will get on their pictures. After entering the main auditorium, we searched through the crowd and spotted Chris and Alexa sitting around a table, we walked up to them and sat on the remaining chairs.
"So are you guys going to participate in the game, I mean The Couple Of The Night game?" Alexa asked
"Sure we will and I know we will win" I said
"So can some couples say they won't participate?" Chris asked
"Yes of course, Bella answered
"Ok. But how will you tell them you don't want to take part in the game?" Chris asked again
"Simple, they will come around to every table and if you want to participate in the game all you need to do is write your name and your Lovers name and give it to them, after collecting all the names of the participants, they post their pictures which is no other picture but the one which was taken out there on the Red Carpet." Alexa explained
"And the number of people who will like or comment on the picture will determine the number of votes you get" Bella continued
"And the number of votes will definitely determine the winner" I added
"Wow. Do they announce the second Best Couples or it's only the the first Best?" He asked again
"They really do announce the second round up and the third round up" Alexa said
"Awesome. Alexa and I will take part too, we might win the second Best Couples, we aren't targeting the overall Best because we are know you guys are going to win" he said and we all laughed.

A lady came around and started taking the names of the participants, she got to our table.
"Mister Daniel West Brooks are you taking part in the game with Miss Isabella Snow?" She asked
"Sure we are" I said
"Is this thing even important?" Bella whispered to me when I was about to write our names
"Don't worry babe, I know you don't want to go and stand up there and kiss me but hey you can't escape that" I whispered back and her mouth went wide open
"Whose name should I write first?" I asked no one in particular
"Write Isabella's name first before your name" Alexa said
"Great" I said and wrote the names and fold it before giving it to her.
"What about you Mister Christopher?" She asked
"We will" Chris said and wrote theirs names and gave it to her
"Mister Daniel, I will personally vote for you and Miss Isabella" she said with a wink and left.
"Must you do that?" Bella asked me in a whisper
"Guys excuse us for a moment" I said and held her hand, with a confuse face she followed me to a quite and lonely place
"What are you doing here, where are you taking me to?" She kept asking
I pulled her to myself and started kissing her hungryly, she gave in after some time and started kissing me back, I pinned her to the wall and kissed her fiercely.
"What has come over you Daniel?" She said after freeing herself
"I want you Sunshine, seeing you over there in this dress, I feel so weak." I said and that is the truth, I was controlling myself but it wasn't working and when she whispered in my ears, I felt like OMG. I am going nut.
"You don't have to hide anything from me, I know how you feel when you are around me, I know how you try to control yourself and hide it when you are hard" she said
"I am sorry Sunshine, I" I didn't finish when she kissed me
"Don't be sorry Daniel, I love you and I love you for everything you are, I understand how you feel because I sometimes feel same" she said

? #Bella's #PoV ?

"You do?" He asked
"Yes I do love, I sometimes feel I want to do it, I sometimes yearn for you but I was scared" I said
"Was? You mean you aren't scared again?" He asked
"Yes I am not scared Daniel, I am ever ready for you, anytime" I said and forced my lips on his and started kissing him.
"I love you Isabella, I really do" he said
"I know Daniel, I do too" I said
"Come here" he said and I went into his arms
"You smell sweet" we said together and bursted in uncontrollable laughter.
"This is the most romantic Prom Night ever" someone said and we turned to the direction of the voice
"What the hell!" We cursed together
"I am sorry guys, Alexandra was looking for you and I saw you guys coming to this direction so I decided to come and tell you" he said actually that is the guy who asked me to come to Prom with him which I declined.
"Whatever, get lost" Daniel yelled at him and I sensed jealousy in his voice. He held my hand and led me out of place.
"That was crazy" Martin whispered with I smirk when I got to him
"What did he say?" Daniel asked
"Nothing, forget about him" I said and we went to the auditorium.

The program has started, actually it's almost ending and it's time to announce the winners of the Best Couples.

"At this juncture, I am glad to announce the winners of the School Best Couples. And the third round up is Miss Audrey Peterson and Mister Dennis Darlington" the M.C shouted and there were cheers and applause. The two couples went and stood on the podium and said a word or two and they climbed down and went to their seats.
When the noise died down, the M.C called for the attention of the audience and continued

"The second round up is, Miss Alexandra Brown and Mister Christopher Grande" the M.C sang and there were cheerful uproar. They went to the podium as well and few words which was all about Thanksgiving. They came down to sit.

"And the couples who won the overall Best Couple of this Year Prom Night is no other couples, Ladies and Gentlemen than our School King and Queen, Miss Isabella Snow and Mister Daniel West Brooks" the M.C sang the names joyfully....

? #Bella's #PoV ?

"And the couples who won the overall Best Couple of this Year Prom Night is no other couples, Ladies and Gentlemen than our School King and Queen, Miss Isabella Snow and Mister Daniel West Brooks" the M.C sang the names joyfully, the crowd went wild in jubilation and flashlights of phones were on us.
I became more nervous
"Let's go, don't be afraid I am with you" Daniel said and Alexa nodded asking me to go.
"Mister Daniel we need you and Miss Isabella up here" the M.C said and I held Daniel's hand and we walked through the numerous seats before getting to the podium.
" Congratulations Mister Daniel, what do you have to say to your fans and your girlfriend" the M.C said to Daniel
"First of all, I will say thank you to anyone who voted for us, we really appreciate your love. Thanks to my buddy Christopher and his girlfriend Alexa, they are the best thing that has ever happened to us but me especially and finally My Sunshine, she is a God sent and my happiness. Even though I have hurt her countless number of times but she keeps giving me chances to express my love, I love her so much and i can kill for her. I am selfish with her so no one should try messing with her." He said and everyone started clapping.
"It's time to present the award to Mister Daniel so that he gift it to his girlfriend" the M.C said and gave a bouquet of flowers to him
" Thank you so much Isabella for making me a complete man, you are my better half, don't go anywhere. I love you " he said and gave the flowers to me
"I love you more Daniel babe" I said softly but the crowd did heard me and started clapping.
He pulled me closer to himself and kissed me passionately and the crowd went wild.
"Stay" he whispered
"I am here" I said


? #Daniel's #PoV ?

The program is over and we had a simple Get Together. Sunshine didn't wanted to eat over there because of the bunch of people present but after much persuading she gave in and she really enjoyed herself. I wanted to feed her but she didn't allow me to.
After the Get together, we decided that she spend the night at my place and she agreed and she called Grace and inform her which she didn't decline. Alexa will be spending the night at Chris's place too.
When we got to my house, I held her hand and led her to the main building, we climbed the stairs that leads to my room and I tried kissing her.
"Stop being naughty, Danny" she said
"I get more naughtier when you call me Danny" I said grabbing her waist and pulled her to myself
"At least let's get inside first" she said trying to free herself
"Let's start from here Baby, I want you" I said and lift her in the bridal style and started running on the stairs to my room.
"Put me down, I can walk, I am not a baby" she said
"But you are my baby" I said and opened the door to my room and closed it after entering and gently placed her on the bed and she stood up immediately.
"You are going nut Daniel"
"Yes I know, I have never been myself since I fell in love with u" I said
"Your lost, help me with my zipper, I need to wash myself" she said and went to stand in front of my dressing mirror
"I will gladly do it" I said smiling naughtily
"Just open it and don't do anything apart from what you are assign to do" she said
I opened the zip and let the dress fall on the floor, she was not wearing bra so I had assess to her bare breasts easily and started caressing them. She stood there for sometime without asking me to stop, I didn't stop too, I kept caressing them and played with her nipples which was already erected, I was looking at her face and I knew she was trying hard not to react, her eyes went closed and I felt her body shake, OMG she is feeling it.
She turned sharply and started kissing me roughly and then her hands went to my neck and she began loosing my tie and help me take off my shirt.
"Calm down baby, I am yours the whole night" I whispered seductively and carried her to the bed and took the rest of my clothes, I was very hard.
I went on top of her and started kissing her again but this time slowly, my hands moving all over her body, I removed my lips from hers and started kissing kissing her nipples and sucking on them hungry, I bit her nipple and a soft moan escaped her mouth. I move my tongue all over her body and my mouth was on her coochie and I removed the pant she was wearing an continued kissing her neatly shaved coochie, I spread her legs apart and slide my tongue in her already wet pu$$y and started eating it. Her moaning was low but increased when I started eating her. I don't know why I am using my tongue in her but I have read about how ladies love it when they are being lick and she smell sweet down there prom dresses online ?
"Uuuh Oooh yeesss" she moan loudly and held my head
"Calm down baby, I will take it easy with u. I want you to cum for me, I want you to squirt all over my face" I said
"I can't, I can't" she said
"Come on baby, you can do it for me" I said and buried my head in her pu$$y and inserted my index finger in her and started moving it to and fro with my tongue still playing with her cl!t. Her moaning got intense, after few minutes, she exploded in my face shaking like she's been possess.
"Oh Daniel you are killing me" she said

? #Bella's #PoV ?

"I won't Sunshine, I can't live without you" he said romantically.
His hands begin to roam my entire body, his blue eyes filled with love. Without much ado, he kisses me slowly and then sloppily, filled with need.
"Are you ready for me?" he asked and I nodded, he then insert his index finger inside me going in and out as his thumb rubbing against my cl!t. I was totally out of planet Earth, he continued doing that and I felt myself dripping on his hands.

"Daniel please I can't take it anymore" I moan the words softly
"What do you want Sunshine? Tell me and I will do just that" he said caressing my breast and his other hand inside me
"I want you Daniel, please I want to feel you inside me" I said because what he was doing on my body was so crazy.
"Tell me what you want baby" he said again with a smile on his face
"I want you inside me, please make love to me" I said
"Are you sure?" He asked
"I want you to do it Danny, please stop punishing me" I said and he took his hand from my coochie and came on top of me, I grabbed his head and started kissing him roughly, he freed himself knelt between my parted leg and he inserted his hard dick in me and I felt a sharp pain in there, he was going easy on me on the first few minutes and it was very painful. I buried my nails in his skin and I felt tears coming down
"Urgh Aah Ouch! Danny it hurts" I cried
"Should I stop?" He asked and seeing the tears in my eyes, he stopped penetrating and said again
"I am sorry Sunshine please stop crying" he said
"Please don't stop, I want to get this done today, you are sweet" I said and he kissed me and penetrated again but this time deeper. After a minute of thrusting in slowly, he fastened his pace and started going in fast and the pain turned to pleasure, I wrapped my legs around his waist as he keeps thrusting in faster. I was moaning softly encouraging him not to stop.
"I want you to cum again" he whispered
"I can't Danny, I can't I am tired" I said and he hushed me with a kiss
"Shush, you can do it, I want us to cum together" he said and I nodded
After sometime I felt like I want to pee just like it happened earlier
"I feel like I want to pee" I said and he smiled and said
"Yeah that is it Baby, I want to cum also" I wrapped my legs around him and held him tightly
"Let's do it together, I am cumming?he and I the urge to pee became uncontrollable and we came together.
"I love you Sunshine, you are so sweet" he said laying on me with his dick still inside me. Actually he cum in me..


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