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red color garments for cocktail

Absolutely love this! So well said and I definitely agree! Marriage is work but it's one of the greatest blessings! Just like yesterday when I get the msg that "I'm working late" ? and I'm already planning 2 of my kids assasinations. Then my husband calls to check in and I totally unselfishly offer to bring him dinner ? I know I'm the best... no seriously, It's totally selfish. I desperately want to get these kids and myself out of the house, win an attagirl from the hubbs and drown the kids out with music but the thing that helped me the most was seeing my husband and knowing,tho I feel like I've went total psycho mom and can NOT stand them any longer, I AM NOT ALONE! There's that truly selfless, wonderful tho aggravating as the kids at times husband that is my lifelong PARTNER! red color garments for cocktail ? He has my back, he encourages me, he reminds me that everything is gonna be ?? because we are a team and we got this! We got this wonderful crazy life that some ppl would kill to have even when I seriously doubt that ? but BIG PICTURE.... we are BLESSED! Waaay more than I give credit for most of the time ? So there's my morning thought lol Anyone married or not... remember to be thankful for what you do have and always know that if your breathing there's a reason ? use what time we have to the fullest and be thankful along the way ❤️