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How i lost my virginity on valentine's day

Godwin Udojoh to Zeeworld Movies/Series Love Express International and Inspirational Stories Yesterday at 12:15pm ·

Like every other girl, I was
happy to have a boyfriend, at
least, some I could spend the
Valentine's Day celebration with.
This, for every 'happening girl'
in our time, was a dream come
true. And I really looked forward
to the day with lots of hope and
positivity. Little did I know that
it was a day that would always
haunt me anytime Valentine's
Day is being celebrated.
My name is Shola Bright, a
graduate of Accounting from
the University of Calabar.
Anytime I share this story, I get
this nauseating feeling as I
always tell myself that it was an
event that I could have avoided
had I tried to be a little more
Me and Segun, who was two
years ahead of me at the time,
had been dating for just two
months before Valentine's Day
celebration. He asked me about
my plans for the day and I told
him I had none. So, he said we
would go out.
"Thank God I will spend this
year's Val with a boyfriend," I
muttered to myself after the
news about our date on Val's
Day what with my inability to tie
down a guy to celebrate the
Lovers' day with me in the last
three years.
My previous boyfriends were
either too busy with classes or
out of town, so I had always
watched all my girlfriends dig it
out with their guys on Lovers'
day. But this year happened to
be my year and the fact that it
was a Saturday made it merrier
although I had vowed to remain
a virgin until marriage.
That Saturday afternoon, I woke
up earlier than my usual time
and tried to look my best
without revealing too much.
With a flowing red gown which
revealed a little more than the
usual (although I had tried to
avoid this) and my back all bare,
I moved out of the bedroom
looking all set for a glorious
Segun came knocking at exactly
4.30pm and the smile and look
on his face suggested that he
liked what he saw.
"Wow! You look so beautiful,"
he exclaimed.
Without much ado, I smiled
back with a very 'shy' "thanks,
Baby," and before I could say
Jack, he took my lips and
devoured it for the next 20
seconds or thereabouts.
I was shivering when he pulled
away as it was my first kiss in
over three years. I excused
myself, went into the ladies' and
adjusted my make up before
returning to meet him seated
on the couch, smiling wryly. If
only I knew he was planning
that moment!
All the while, none of us said
anything about the kiss or
where we were going until we
took a cab outside our campus
"Where are we going?" I asked.
And he replied, "Just follow me,
I promise you an unusual
Valentine's Day celebration" and
indeed, it was!
My hostel mates had also gone
out with their respective guys,
so there was nobody to come
with me and Segun, at least so
that I would be guaranteed of
safety (although I did not
envisage any untoward attitude
from him).
We had a really nice time
moving from a popular eatery in
town, to the cinema and I was
smiles as he kept giving me
surprises. Unknown to me, I
was already getting horny
because he kept staring at me
in a way that suggested that he
wanted to eat me up.
Maybe he also realised this, I
cannot say, but his hand kept
touching the outside of my
boobs which heightened the
sensation that was building up
in me.
On our way home, he bought
chocolates, yes... chocolates!
And that was the beginning of
the end for me. We took it
quietly at the back of the cab as
we both cuddled.
In no time, we were in his
house, a well furnished mini-
flat, where he stayed alone.
I was really hoping that I would
keep my virginity that night, but
then I was also hoping to make
out with this guy who ignited a
crazy desire on my inside.
Gently but steadily, he held me
by my waist and looked me in
the eyes. At this time, I was
ready for anything that was
going to happen, but I really
hoped that my virginity would
stay intact.
He took my lips... softly, I
moaned. I kissed him back and
that was all I could remember
before I found myself in his bed,
in his warm hands.
Then I called out his name
gently, "Segun, can you help me
remain a virgin, please?" He
replied with a husky "Yes"
With my clothes all gone, Segun
told me that he would just
touch me and not do anything. I
was really glad and was ready
to throw myself into the whole
We both rolled on the bed and
were having a nice time until
that defining moment.
Segun said he wanted to give
me a blow job and I agreed. he
removed my panties, and went
deep with his tongue. Man, it
felt so good that I held his head
to my groin until a sound
startled me.
Poop! That was all I heard as I
saw Segun going in and out of
me. I knew the deed had been
done. I had lost my virginity!
With my hands on my head, I
could not undo what had been
done, other than to allow the
tears flow freely down my
"Segun, this was not what we
agreed on. You have ruined my
life, what will I tell my younger
He simply continued thrusting
and only occasionally muttered
a "sorry baby" moan until he
grunted and left his fluid in me.
I just took my clothes, went into
the bathroom, had a really hot
bath amid hot tears and left the
house never to see him again.
But what would that have
I could not muster the courage
to tell anybody, but that was the
beginning of my downfall as I
almost soon became a dog on
the streets, with almost every
touch leading to another
Just for the young girls out
there, Valentine's Day is not one
for you to have sex with
anybody apart from your
I am now happily married with
three kids, but now something
happen and a battle just began.


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