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short homecoming wears in white

Thank you everyone for the delightful texts and messages for the 36th annual Christinamas. I'm still not blogging, maybe one day, but I really enjoyed last years little thing so here we go again...

36 things at 36
Stevie Nicks, no question, always. There is always time to save a kitten. Hug back, always. You don't have to answer to anyone. Oprah, Super Soul Sundays, You're welcome. Treasure everyone for who they truly are, or cut them loose. Walk away from what's not meant for you, if you stay, what's meant may never cross your path. Be honest. Be kind. Be mindful. Crystals + Palo Santo + salt lamp + Kaypacha = Best. Purple hair was a great idea. Laugh often and well. Buddy system best system. The universe is the best. Synchronicity is amazing, even though Katya and I can't pronounce it. You have enough, give to others, time, money or love. Stop complaining, no one cares. Always carry your lucky rock. Skinny dip whenever and wherever possible. Just let the hens cluck, it's downright entertaining. Support and encourage the goals of others. Journal, even when you think you have nothing to write, it will come. Don't give a fuck, I can't stress this enough, stop caring about meaningless shit. Rye. It takes guts to be authentic but it's worth it. A good bed is worth its weight in gold. I drive like a little old lady, just pass me, I'm enjoying my crawl thanks. Get out of your comfort zone. Be passionate about something, anything. Spoon a rescue Beagle, it's good for the soul. Flowers, for no reason. Order dessert, gelato can turn your whole day around. Sing in the shower. Malas. short homecoming wears in white