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The problem is this.... while uber is milking the crap out of drivers, we have people who sit back and act like it's not happening.
It baffles me; how can someone object to their coworkers/industry mates, raising a voice towards better pay for everyone, even though the pay rate is different for almost every city.
The fact of the matter is, some people actually uber full time. And for them, these times are trying. Every market is over saturated, surges are almost a myth in some cities, and Uber keep cutting rates.
Why can't full time drivers cry foul?
Just like McDonald's jobs, people do that crap full time (can you believe that). They might not like it, but that's all they have. It's not fair, for people to say "they can't cry foul", over pay "go find another job if you don't like it". All while these corporations get wealthy of the never ending supply of cheap workers/ "independent contractors". siver colored items to wear of the wedding
Yes, some people have a choice of where the work... some people do not.
Personally I drive uber, because I have a time conflict issue. It fits perfectly into my situation.
Would a few common sense fixes benefit me? Absolutely!
If an individual can't rationalize another person's need for improvement, that does not make said need void. If said need was void, unions would have no say. Heck, even federal workers have to ask for better everything - and even they use unions.
No one gets into uber looking to get rich. No matter how much fool's gold is on the table, the math won't lie.

So please, if you're satisfied with what you're getting, keep your mouth shut, and let the man who must cry foul, do so. Heck. It can benefit all of us!