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This Sex Matter
This couple decided to go for family Planing after having 5 children to avoid having more. After two years, the wife began to have different form of complications. She tried different types but to no avail.

The couple then decided that the husband will have to buy condom to use anytime they want to have sex. In addition to this, they will also make use of the natural and withdrawal method of birth control.

On this fateful day, the wife said she was ovulating and there was no condom in the house. The husband began to feel horny early that morning and then began to touch her. According to her, she was also complying but suddenly, she just remembered she was not safe. She said she jumped up and asked her husband for condom but he said there was none at home. She then refused his passes. She said this singular act of sex denial has cause a communication breakdown in the family. The husband is still very angry with her. She is seeking for advice the husband Please, advise her on what to do. You could also advise the husband. vintage dresses for mother of the bride