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I am asking for someone because she doesn't want to publicize her name due to family not knowing about an apprehension of a child .. which is the most ridiculous claims it started at 4 months pregnant cas came knocking asked her to do a voluntary pregnancy file .. she obviously denied .. because voulentary gives a choice of doing or not doing .. so months go by she has her child few days later in the hospital her child was apprehended without warrant because my friend would not return her calls back but she did not return calls because it was the qorkwr calling asking to do the voulentary file.. so that was the intial reason than it was drug use in pregnancy well tests from her child and herself at the time of delivery were negative of all drugs.. well beside a tiny amount of morphine from the doctor giving it to her and they told cas that.. than it was mental health issues she went and talked to a mental health counselor and told her about her past which is quite traumatic but the mental health worker deemed her mentally stable with no mental health issues than the worker demanded to sit in on a meeting with a mental health worker for her to talk to her and tell her side of what happened to my friend that leads to some diagnosis by a cas worker ! Saying she has a few different mental health issues one was pstd and I can't remember at this time way the other one was but last any of checked she went to school for social work not mental health .. so it's getting tiring she was seeing her daughter every day for 2 hours a day and than out of no where the worker states that they can't find anything wrong with parenting etc so there changing access to 2 times and week for a 3 and half hours each visit.. well here comes the problem her child was drinking 24 ounces of formula in a dqt at 4-6 ounce feeds.. it's been 3 weeks since the change and her child is now drinking 15 ounces a day and is not up more than 2 hours in a whole day all the baby does is sleep. Cas tried saying the baby is just adapting to a different routine but the mother her family that does no this is her baby stressing and not adapting to the lack of being with the mom ... what can she do? She's terrified what could happen to the baby if she keeps eating less or not increasing her eating. . Cas is not listening to the mother ... is there something to do to safe her child.. vintage mother of the bride dresses tea length