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wedding bridal garments with v neck

I now remember why I don't like going to the doctors after a week of prodding, jabbing and testing not to mention referral after referral after referral. Felt like Luna Park in the old days with every ride wanting to punch my ticket.
The result was probably no great surprise but a small relief nonetheless a) cholesterol off the chart (no change from normal) b) my blood sugars now putting me just into the type 2 diabetic range c) heart looks in reasonable shape (surprisingly). Insulin is now my enemy and so are carbohydrates d) some other (Ferratin) levels high indicating fatty liver. Again should not be surprised at what 30 years of abuse has done and e) 30kgs to lose. wedding bridal garments with v neck
The realisation that I need to throw out the bun off those Big Mac's and I might now be "Bread and rice free" was one thing but "how about the grog" my Liver screamed. A quick fact check and it seems that Spirits are ok. Wine in moderation and Low Carb Beer (what even is that ???) might be ok.
Overall a rethink is in order as I know I am a lot funnier after a few beers so there goes the Comedy career option. Now on 2 X tablets a day (grrrr- how long I have resisted).
I might contemplate all of this at Glandore Wines 5 course Dego Wine Dinner tonight at Red Lantern. The Last Supper ??? Maybe not, but no bread rolls for me.