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Times aren't easy but there is so much to be thankful for. I get emotional this time of year as timehop and Facebook show me memories of 4 years ago. 4 years ago on this date I was starting to be in some major pain. Pain that I thought was heartburn. 3 kind of medication multiple times a day were not helping at all. It wouldn't be until 3 days later when my blood work was done that the realization was my organs were no longer able to support this massive triplet pregnancy. It wasn't until after the boys were born that I really was able to look back and see how bad things could have really gone. The pain was my liver and possibly kidneys. Sending signs. Sometimes I question why when 3 medications didn't work they didn't do blood work sooner. But it doesn't matter. Nothing matters. All that matters is that I'm alive. I'm well and most importantly there are 3 amazing little.boys in our lives. Tj and I are so blessed. I am so thankful. Thankful for the drs. Thankful for the nurses who put up with me for weeks. Thankful to my Dr who waited until the last second possible every time things went dicey ... To see if we could hold on longer. Thankful for my body holding on as long as it could. Thankful for my family and friends (the select few who knew every second of this journey from the trying and waiting until the pregnancy and beyond). Thankful that my own doctor was able to come take over the delivery. So thankful. Because these 3 miracles are what life is all about. Last night before bed ... Thomas came over and gave me a kiss and said "Happy Thanksgiving mommy." Last week he came home from school and said "mommy it's almost Thanksgiving" .. taken aback I said .. "oh yeah? What's that?" wedding bridals wears in wholesale price
Thomas said "we eat turkey mommy. And it's for family and friends to be together"

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.