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wedding wears at $99

In 2012, I lost 50-55lbs. It was hard. It all began with a period of depression. I stopped eating. If you know me, you know i usually eat more when i am depressed, usually benge eat. Everytime I ate I felt nauseous so I tried not to eat at all. My mom had to force me to eat and told me enough was enough. I had to get up, get myself together and get a job. So I did. I got a job in a thrift store which at that time was the beginning of spring and it was hot and the store had both a/c for the first month I worked there. I dropped 20 lbs in that month. I worked at that store for 5 months. Total of 40 lbs had been lost. I kept it up a while longer. I had a goal weight and had 15 lbs to go. Another month or 2 and I did it. I reached my goal. It was a proud moment. Now, I am back to square one except now, its not just 55 lbs but 65. I know I can do it. It is time. My body is telling me its time. I have been dropping weight out of nowhere all a sudden and I'm not going to question it. Ive done it once I can do it again. The hardest part is motivation but I'm almost there. Looking at the photos are just a reminder that it is not impossible. wedding wears at $99